Sublimation printing supplier

signdepot europe kftIf you have a business in sign making or creating custom-made gifts, we can surely provide you with one or more great offers! 99% of our products are available online at our webshop; in addition you can test our products including high-value machines in person in our showroom in Jászberény. For more information about purchase, delivery and warranty please see the "Information" tab at the top menu. You can start with browsing the "Professional tips" menu that provides useful details about the products.

What types of products we have?

Complete systems for manufacturing custom-made gifts >>> Cadeaux personnalisés

Enterprises in T-shirt printing and gift making business and photo gift online stores find plenty of equipment, machines and complete solutions in this category. The most popular products are sublimation printing items. Sublimation system allows printing hundreds of different custom-made gifts; unprinted, blank items are also available from stock. We also offer complete solutions for T-shirt printing such as heat press machines, transfer papers, special textile inks, plotter cuttable flex and flock foils, rhinestones and much more.
 Finition d'impression

Post-processing and visualization tools for digital printing > > >

Self-adhesive foils, advertising tarpaulins and banners made with large-format digital roll printing are well-known in sign making business; post-production ("finishing") is essential in their production process. We offer numerous finishing machines and equipment such as laminating machines, truck tent welding machines, eyelet making machines and basic sign making tools (rulers, scraper blades and cutting blades etc). We can also assist in placement and installing with display systems, banner stretching systems and lots of other useful tools.

 Graveur laser

Laser engraving and foil cutting machines > > >

As the official distributor and repair service provider of Redsail laser machines we have been selling these excellent price/performance ratio laser machines since 2006. If you are looking for a reliable and high quality laser machine for engraving gift items at a reasonable price, please check our offers! You can also test the laser engraving machines before purchasing in our showroom free of charge. Foison cutting plotters have become the most popular cutting machines in Hungary. A cutting plotter is one of the most basic tools of advertising graphics companies; it is used for cutting self-adhesive decoration foils.

Signdepot is the distributor of the following brands in Hungary:
FOISON vinyl plotter products
REDSAIL, HSG laser engraving and laser cutting products
PAROPY, NEENAH transfer papers
BOFA fume extractors
PROMATTEX plotter cuttable and ironable flex and flock foils for fabric decoration

How can we help you, what do we offer you?
- Low-price (or even free) delivery all over Hungary!
- Our product managers are patient and serve our customers in an empathic manner. They support clients in pre-purchase decisions and also after the purchase.
- After the purchase our in-house repair service manages repairs with a short deadline.
- Most of our products are available in stock and can be purchased within a day. You can check product availability and expected arrival to the warehouse in the webshop anytime. 
- All of our products can be viewed and tested at our site!

Sign Expo Signdepot 2015
Sign Expo professional exhibition - Exceptional interest towards our stand...

We had a successful exhibition as Signdepot had the highest number of visitors due to the organizers' data. We introduced new products (including Lamidesk Easyshift applicator table), and our visitors could try out our laser engraver, applicator table, cutting plotter and sublimation products.